Body Fitness & Self Defence & Karate, Boxing & Yoga. Approved By: Kal (Recogized By Ministry or Youth Affairs And Sports Members: Japan Karate Federation) Sensei (Sulinder Singh) Black Belt 2nd Dan.

Sensei Sulinder Singh

Sensei Sulinder Singh was born on 02-04-1978. A Sikh boy who started learning Karate at the age of 15 & Later on he joined a professional karate training school named Sanshinkan Karate India run by the accomplished Sensei Yaspal Singh Kalsi black belt 6th Dan, and received his black belt 2nd Dan & currently having the experience of more than 20 years in Karate.

Sensei Sulinder Singh was awarded many titles, trophies and medals during his student life, and when he made the transition to professional competition, was a regular medallist at State, National and International Karate Championships.

Sensei Sulinder Singh has represented Sanshinkan International, a Sweden-based organisation run by the well-known and highly respected Soke Tamas Weber. Sensei Sulinder Singh is an internationally attested Karate, Kick Boxing, Self-Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Weapon Training – Nunchaku, Body Fitness & Yoga Trainer & currently running training centres, outdoor classes & private classes in Gurgaon.