Body Fitness & Self Defence & Karate, Boxing & Yoga. Approved By: Kal (Recogized By Ministry or Youth Affairs And Sports Members: Japan Karate Federation) Sensei (Sulinder Singh) Black Belt 2nd Dan.


To promote and popularize the art of Karate and traditional martial arts; encourage the younger generation to learning and practice the art of self-defense. To cultivate young talent; bringing outstanding students to the higher levels of competition (state championships, national and international tournaments, etc.) To promote and motivate karate as and martial artists by providing them the opportunities, support, training, and facilities for extraordinary performance. To establish and manage training centres at various places in Delhi for the benefit of the common interest. To handle all legalities and correspondence in a lawful manner; arranging meetings, conferences, and seminars with the proper authorities concerned to attain our objectives. To support the learning of low-income members, and members in difficult situations. To take disciplinary action against members and associates that does not conform to the guidelines and rules of Sanshinkan. Establish the training centres or affiliate the remote areas to spread it to the people.